HVAC Emergency Service in Columbus

No Extra Charges for 24/7 Heating and Cooling Solutions

When an HVAC emergency strikes, you shouldn’t hesitate to call for professional help. At CJS Heating and Air, we believe in providing the emergency air conditioning or heating services you need without excessive costs. Our 24-hour heating and cooling solutions are available at no extra charge—whether you need heating and cooling services in Columbus after-hours or on a weekend, we will never charge beyond our regular rates, nor will we charge overtime if a regularly-scheduled appointment runs past business hours.

When Is a Heating and Cooling Problem an Emergency?

Heating and cooling emergencies can occur at any time of day and during any month of the year. Knowing when it’s necessary to call your 24-hour heating and cooling service will help you take quick action to reduce the stress associated with a major HVAC issue.

  • Heating and cooling breakdowns during extreme weather should always prompt you to call for emergency repair. Letting your home get too hot or too cold can affect not only your comfort, but your family’s health and safety as well.
  • Electrical issues, gas problems, and refrigerant leaks can pose a serious hazard and should never be handled on your own. Call your emergency HVAC repair service immediately if you believe there is an issue with these components of your HVAC system.
  • An air conditioning problem that causes flooding or standing water in or around your home should be addressed via emergency ac repair to prevent water damage and mold growth.

Why Should You Call on Professionals for Emergency Repairs?

Especially if you are concerned about overtime costs, you may be tempted to try repairing your HVAC system on your own. However, inexperienced repairs often cause more damage and impact your HVAC performance over the short and long term. When you need immediate heating and cooling services near Columbus, CJS Heating and Air is ready to help—you can reach us by phone at (614) 428-0852 for 24-hour heating and cooling repair with no extra charges or fees.

  • Improper HVAC repairs can do more harm than good, requiring you to call for heating and cooling service even after you have already put in time, money, and effort to try to find and solve the problem yourself.
  • If your HVAC system is still under warranty, making repairs on your own will void the warranty, leaving you without this important safety net if you need it in the future.
  • Professional HVAC assistance will get your furnace or air conditioner back up and running quickly and with little interruption to your day, minimizing the overall impact of a heating or cooling emergency on your peace of mind and your schedule.

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