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It doesn’t take much searching to find stats and studies that tell us the air quality inside your home is worse than the air quality outside, in most cases. In fact, some information says the outdoor air can be up to five times cleaner than the air inside your home that you and your family breathe every day. It’s easy to shrug this information off and believe your air is fine because no one is having any serious health effects because of it, but when you think of how much time you really spend indoors, it’s wise to pay attention.

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Why Indoor Air Quality Is So Important

Even if you work outside the house for eight hours a day, and even if that work is done outdoors, you still spend more than half your life inside your own home. You sleep there every night, eat meals there, relax there, and so on. In addition, even if you don’t notice any acute, sudden breathing issues or lung conditions due to the air quality, they can build up over time into allergies or more serious lung problems.

Is My Air Contaminated?

Indoor air in the average home may have dust, dirt and similar particles floating around at any given time. If you’ve ever watched a beam of sunlight shining in through the window, you may have seen dust particles dancing in the air. Odors and bacteria are other possibilities, as are more serious contaminants like radon gas or carbon monoxide.

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