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Your air conditioner may sit out of sight and out of mind until something goes wrong, but it needs regular attention to continue delivering the home cooling you expect. Regular air conditioner maintenance and prompt air conditioner repair are two of the best ways to increase your home’s energy efficiency and enjoy maximum indoor comfort, regardless of the temperature outside. CJS Heating and Air can help you get more from your cooling system with professional AC service in Columbus, OH, including air conditioner maintenance, repairs, and replacement.

Why You Need Annual AC Maintenance

Air conditioner maintenance is often low on your to-do list; this important task is often even less pressing when your air conditioner seems to be functioning without a problem. However, AC maintenance is one of the simplest and most effective ways to avoid a major cooling problem and keep your home’s energy bills low throughout the warm summer season.

  • Over time, dirt and dust can accumulate inside your air conditioner, affecting its efficiency and reducing indoor air quality. Air conditioner maintenance includes a thorough check and cleaning of your cooling system—this will not only improve your air quality, it also allows your AC service to catch small issues before they become major problems.
  • Regular air conditioner maintenance is the best way to maintain your air conditioner’s efficiency and prolong its longevity. By investing in annual AC service, you’re getting the best returns possible from your cooling system by reducing its energy usage and minimizing the risk of premature replacement so that your air conditioner can continue cooling your home for its full expected lifetime.

Signs You Need AC Repair

While a complete AC shutdown is certainly a signal to call for AC service, your air conditioner will often display subtler signs when air conditioner repair is needed. Learning to recognize these signs can help you prevent a major cooling breakdown to minimize inconvenience, stress, and repair costs.

  1. Strange noises coming from your air conditioner typically indicate loose, worn, or damaged parts that should be replaced before additional damage can occur.
  2. Frequent cycling is a sign that your air conditioner is suffering from poor efficiency, which is most often caused by worn parts or dirt and dust buildup inside the filter or system.
  3. Ice formation on your air conditioner coils typically signifies an airflow or efficiency issue that needs to be addressed, letting you know that it’s time to call your AC service.

A malfunctioning air conditioning system may cause the following issues:

  • Thermostat inaccuracy
  • Inefficient electrical circuitry
  • Leaks in the system
  • Broken capacitors

Is it time for your air conditioner’s next tune-up, or are you experiencing cooling problems you want solved? During an appointment, we will be able to assess the situation and give you a helpful diagnosis for exactly what needs to be done. When you need AC repair and maintenance work, come to us for help. We are here for you anytime you may need us. Give our office a call today at (614) 428-0852.

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