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"I am on their monthly service plan and have had two emergency's call either after hours or over holiday weekends. Both times I called and was called back within 2 hours. Additionally, someone came out to the house that same day to help diagnose the problems. This last time it was a dead motor on my A/C unit. They did not have one with them and had to special order it. They were back out the next day to install the motor. I am completely happy with this provider and think their customer service is very good." (C. Weaver from Upper Arlington, OH)

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Columbus Air Conditioning AC Services

If there is one absolute you can count on, it’s that if your air conditioning is going to break down this summer, it will happen on what seems like the hottest day of the year. It makes sense that it would stop working when it’s being used the most, but all you’ll be wishing for is a solution so you don’t have to sweat in your own home. All air conditioners have a lifespan, and if yours is at the end of the line, some professional installation may be in order.

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Professional Installation Makes Sense

Reputation, experience and reliability are three crucial traits for any company you want to install your new air conditioning system. Many homeowners make the mistake of jumping at the first great deal that comes their way, and while cost is definitely a factor, it shouldn’t be the one you look for first, because a poorly installed AC system will only end up costing you more in the long run. Find an installer that meets all the right criteria, then look for a great price. We can install all facets of your new AC system, like variable speed compressors or multiple staging units.

Many Facets in the Air Conditioning Process

Air conditioning is about more than just blowing cold air throughout your house. That’s the end result, but the process that occurs to get to that point is fairly complex. When your air conditioning is working properly, it pulls the hot air out of the house first, then sends it through an evaporator coil that contains liquid refrigerant. After absorbing the heat from the air, the liquid turns to a gas as it is sent to a condenser coil, where it becomes a liquid once again and starts the process over after delivering cooled air into the house.

The entire process is a little mind boggling, and even more reason why it’s wise to leave the installation and replacement duties to professionals. We can install all the high-efficiency systems and components to make sure you remain cool. A professional service provider knows the different manufacturers and Energy Star equipment, how all the elements are supposed to work with one another, as well as any building code or bylaw issues that must be considered.

Air conditioning installation is an exact science, and it’s one you should leave to professionals like the ones at CJS Heating and Air. Pick up the phone and call us and we provide you with the solution you need.

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