Columbus AC Filters & Filter Replacement Services

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Columbus AC Filters & Filter Replacement Services

If you’re like many homeowners, all you really want during those long, hot summer days and nights is for your AC to be working properly. Some homes feel more like saunas when the heat of the sun beats down on them all day. If your AC stops working on one of these days, being inside becomes unbearable. There are several components that can contribute to malfunctioning air conditioning, but your AC filter is usually a good start.

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The Purpose of Your AC Filter

Since your air conditioning system is responsible for blowing cooled air throughout your home, it stands to reason that a clogged, dirty filter will contribute to blowing dust and dirt around the house along with the cold air. Everyone’s home has dust particles and other tiny bits of debris floating in the air, and the AC filter is designed to block them from entering the air ducts and the rooms throughout your house. When the filter is clean and working properly, it can help to catch these particles. If you forget to change it, the filter becomes clogged with those particles, and then some of them can end up being sent out anyway. Your AC system also has to expend more energy if the filter is dirty. One estimate says it can use as much as 15 percent less energy when the filter is clean.

DIY Filter Changes

The key to having a clean filter all the time is to change it when it gets dirty. The general rule of thumb is to change it every three months or so, but you can check it out and change it sooner than that if the air feels a little dustier than normal. Many homeowners like to replace their AC filter by themselves, and it isn’t a complicated task if you choose to go this route. As long as you know where the filter is located on your particular AC system, it’s quite easy. If you aren’t sure or aren’t comfortable, feel free to call for professional help.

If your AC system fails you and it’s hot outside, you may have trouble trying to get relief from the heat. Your AC filter plays a big part in keeping your air conditioning running efficiently, so it’s important to keep it clean. If you have any questions or require professional replacement, call CJS Heating and Air today at (614) 428-0852 in Columbus, OH and the surrounding area.

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