Spotlight on High Efficiency Furnaces

Installing high-efficiency coolers and furnaces in Columbus, OH should be a primary concern for homeowners and commercial building owners. With a highly efficient furnace—such as the Carrier Infinity® 98 Series or the Coleman Echelon™ Series—energy costs can lower significantly and systems will have longer lifetimes. Both of these benefits will equal higher savings year-round and less furnace repairs in the future. Continue reading to learn more about some of the market’s high-efficiency furnaces.

Carrier Infinity ® Series High Efficiency Furnaces

Carrier furnaces are among the best in the heating and cooling industry. The Infinity® 98 Series uses Greenspeed™ Intelligence, which adjusts modulating gas output as needed to offer homeowners maximum comfort. The Infinity® 98 Series also utilizes special technology, such as a variable-speed blower, which allows the unit to run at quieter speeds. Users can save over 20% in annual costs over a standard furnace.

Arcoaire ® VC 97 Series

Arcoaire® VC 97 Series use self-configuring controls, which allow the unit to run on low-fire settings unless users raise the thermostat. With this function, users can experience up to 20% in energy cost savings.

Champion Series

Champion gas furnaces are among the highest rated in efficiency. These furnaces base their functions on their individual location. This ability allows for greater control over daily and yearly heating. Champion furnaces come with the GeoTrak™ Comfort System, which modifies the system based on location and optimal settings.

Coleman Echelon ™ Series

The Coleman Echelon™ Series has a touch screen thermostat that operates the temperature based on the user’s location. With this power, homeowners will experience more comfort and up to 25% higher efficiency, which equals greater energy savings.

Lennox SLP98V Series

The Lennox series is a gas furnace with modulating features that offer dedicated comfort and great energy savings. The entire system constantly communicates so diagnostics are always running. This ensures that the furnace runs at peak efficiency. Users can potentially save up to 23% in energy costs.