What Homeowners Need to Know About Carbon Monoxide

Your furnace in Columbus, OH helps keep your family comfortable, and maintaining this appliance can help maximize its lifespan. However, furnaces do need to be replaced, eventually. For example, if your carbon monoxide detector goes off, then this can indicate that it’s time for furnace replacement. Continue reading to learn more facts that homeowners need to know about carbon monoxide.

Why It’s Dangerous Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a gas that can replace oxygen in the blood when inhaled. If enough CO is breathed in, this can eventually lead to suffocation. What makes carbon monoxide so dangerous is that it can cause accidental poisoning because it is colorless and odorless.

Where It’s Found

Carbon monoxide is produced when fuel is burned, and it can build up in confined spaces and lead to CO poisoning in people and animals. Cars, furnaces, grills, lanterns, small engines, stoves, and fireplaces are examples of objects that may produce CO when used.

How It’s Monitored

To help protect your family from carbon monoxide poisoning, it’s critical to monitor CO levels by installing a CO detector. You should check or replace the battery in the detector at least twice per year and replace the detector every 5 years. Install the CO detector in a location where you will hear and be woken by the alarm were it to go off, such as just outside your bedroom.

How It’s Controlled

To help protect your family from CO poisoning, there are several steps that you can take in addition to installing a carbon monoxide detector. First, have your water heater, furnace, and any other appliance that burns coal, oil, or gas regularly maintained and repaired by a qualified technician. Also, do not burn charcoal or use a portable gas camp stove or flameless chemical heater indoors. You should also not rely on a gas oven or range to heat your home. Finally, all fuel burning appliances should be properly ventilated, and your chimney should be inspected and cleaned every year.

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