Identifying Common Furnace Issues

During the winter, having a working furnace in Columbus, OH is important for staying warm despite the chilly temperatures. Are you wondering if your furnace needs repairs? If so, then continue reading to learn about some of the common furnace problems that you might run into this season.

No Power Furnace Issues

Switching on their furnace and getting no warm air causes many homeowners to assume that the unit is broken. However, it’s important to check the power because even gas furnaces require a source of electricity to run. Before calling a technician, ensure that the unit is plugged in and that the circuit breaker isn’t tripped. You can also test for this problem by switching on the furnace fan. If nothing happens, then a lack of power is probably the issue.

Poor Function

Many of the furnace problems that HVAC technicians encounter are preventable through maintenance. Having the unit cleaned, inspected, and tuned-up once per year, ideally in the fall, is a great way to ensure that the unit will run without issues through the winter season. Also, regularly cleaning and replacing the filter can help keep your furnace in good shape and running efficiently. Ask your HVAC technician how often you should be addressing the filter based on the size of your home and household.

Frequent Cycles

Does your furnace switch on and off too often? If so, then you could be dealing with a problem known as short cycling. If your thermostat it too close to a heat register or other heat source, this can cause it to shut down a cycle prematurely. Also, a faulty thermostat can result in a similar problem.

No Heat

If your furnace was working well and then suddenly stopped, then start by checking the thermostat to ensure that the batteries aren’t dead. If the thermostat isn’t the issue, then check the circuit breaker to be sure that the one for the unit isn’t tripped. If a tripped breaker isn’t the issue, then it may be time to call an HVAC technician to inspect the ignition system.

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