Factors to Consider When Selecting a New Furnace

A broken furnace or one that needs frequent repairs can leave your household uncomfortable and inconvenienced during the winter. If you’re getting ready to replace your furnace in Columbus, OH, then read on to learn some of the factors that you should take into account during this process.

Energy Efficiency New Furnace

Replacing your old or broken furnace provides you with an excellent opportunity to increase your home’s efficiency and lower your monthly energy bills. Because the use of your furnace can account for a significant portion of your utility costs during the winter, it’s ideal to choose the most energy-efficient model that you can afford.

Fuel Source

Furnaces can run on several types of fuel, and replacing your unit gives you the chance to make a switch. Electric furnaces must create original heat, which can increase your energy costs. However, installing a heat pump that is powered by electricity can be one of the most economical ways for you to keep your house warm. Gas, oil, and propane all provide you with a powerful source to heat your home and can be a great choice for locations that frequently reach temperatures below freezing.

Heat Zoning

You’ve probably noticed that some areas of your home get cooler or warmer faster than others. This can be a result of several things, such as room level, construction materials, and the number of windows in the space. Creating a zoning system using several thermostats instead of just one is a way to keep your home’s temperature more consistent from room to room.

Unit Installation

When you choose to invest in a new furnace, it’s important to leave its installation in the hands of professionals. Having your furnace installed by technicians who are trained and experienced can help ensure that the furnace runs safely, properly, and efficiently. Before going ahead and buying a new furnace, decide on an installer and learn what products, services, and rates they offer for furnace replacement.

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