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Do You Have These Common Heating and Cooling Issues?

A malfunctioning heating or cooling system can mean costly repairs or replacement, but the immediate result for people is discomfort. It means being cold in the winter because the heat isn’t working or being hot in the summer because the air conditioning isn’t working. It also means high anxiety and panic in some cases because if your furnace or AC decides to break down, it usually happens when you need them the most. That’s why it pays to keep an eye on any unusual behavior that may indicate trouble is ahead.

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HVAC services in Columbus, OH

With your heating system, the intensity of the heat that is produced during the colder months can cause parts of the system to corrode which decreases efficiency and can lead to a complete failure of the system. Other issues include worn out parts like pumps, fans, motors, electrical circuits and sensors. Minor problems like clogged and dirty furnace filters can send dust throughout your house and affect the efficiency of the furnace. Any of these issues requires some sort of professional attention, from a quick repair to a full replacement.

Air conditioning systems have their share of problems, too. Like the furnace, your AC filter may be clogged and need replacement to boost efficiency. Issues that are more serious include blown motors, damaged evaporator coils or condenser coils, a broken compressor, damaged sensors and problems with the electrical circuitry. Whatever the specific issue, the result is no AC or limited AC, and professional service is required.

Does Your System Need a Repair or Replacement?

AC repair and replacement services in Columbus

Sometimes, even the most skilled repairperson needs to relent and admit when it’s time for an AC replacement. Usually, the decision to replace the air conditioning system with a new one depends on a handful of factors. If it is close to 15 years old, then replacement is often the right choice, especially if there are issues affecting its performance. If you are faced with mounting repair costs, and the unit is older, then replacement is the right way to go. The decision should be made with the help of your local cooling expert, who will guide you to the most cost-effective solution.

Routine Maintenance Extends the Life of Your Furnace

Routin furnace maintenance services in Columbus,OH

Many homeowners don’t bother with routine furnace maintenance because they don’t see the need to spend the extra money. When compared with more repairs and a shorter lifespan, annual furnace maintenance will actually end up saving money. Your furnace is cleaned just before the busy winter season, and any smaller issues can be resolved before they have an opportunity to become bigger problems that cause the system to stop working. Extending the life cycle of the furnace will enable you to delay having the system replaced, which adds up to substantial savings. It’s a classic example of taking care of your things so they last longer.

Reasons to Choose Experienced and Professional Installation

Experienced and Professional Installation services in Coloumbus, OH

If the furnace or AC installation is a replacement or in a brand new space, do yourself a big favor and find a reputable company to provide the service. CJS Heating and Air have been in business since 1966, and we have installed thousands of heating and AC systems along the way. Professional installation is the only way to ensure complete safety, total efficiency and maximum performance from your heating and AC system.

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